Lenders Mortgage Insurance – A simple explanation

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (also known as LMI) It is very common that people don’t understand what Lenders mortgage insurance is and who it covers. It is important not to confuse lenders mortgage insurance to mortgage protection though which is something some people do. Lenders Mortgage Insurance is insurance that protects the lender if you default on your home. If you are unable to pay the loan and the lender cannot recover all it’s costs for the loan then they will make a claim with the lenders mortgage insurer. Lenders mortgage insurance is payable by clients who borrow over 80% of […]

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Protecting Your Super

Most of you should have now heard about the new reforms to superannuation. Maybe we should be looking at our superannuation funds in further detail and take a closer look at our own financial health…. According to the changes individuals will soon be paying 15% tax on any earnings above $100,000 for a fund balance of $2.0million or more. Over 20 years ago superannuation was implemented as an inflation control device and then in the 90’s it became compulsory.  This created control to take the retirement burden away from the government and onto individuals. So, my question to you is, […]

House Prices

It’s too early to make the call about just how long the recent pick-up in housing prices will last, and whether it will gather pace. The current upswing is weaker than past cycles and is being weighed down by a general reluctance among first home buyers to enter the market and a desire by existing home owners to make hay from lower interest rates by paying down their mortgages rather than trading up into shiny new abodes. There have been suggestions big income earners may have been influenced to re-enter the property market in the wake of muted changes to […]

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Housing prices predicted to Boom!!

Yes !  housing prices are predicted to boom. For more information click on the link below;   Why Australian house prices are set to boom again   Need any advise on an investment loan please don’t hesitate to contact us PH: 03 9020 1420      

2013 Federal Budget

The key initiatives in this year’s Federal Budget include: From the 1st of July 2014, the Medicare levy will increase by 0.5% to 2% pa. As of 1 March 2014, Families eligible for Family Tax Benefit (Part A) will only receive $2,000 following the birth of their first child, instead of the previous $5,000  and $1,000 for each subsequent child, the $5,000 Baby Bonus will be no longer. From 1 July 2014, all pension will be taxed at 15% on any asset earnings above $100,000. The Government has also confirmed that: An increase from $25,000 pa to $35,000 pa to the superannuation […]


All First Home Buyer please note!! A payment of $7,000 is  payable to eligible First Home Owners for contracts entered before or on the  1st of July 2013, so be quick! After the 1st of July 2013, $10,000 grants are only available to eligible First Home Buyers who build or purchase of a new home , there will be no grant at all offered to first home buyers , purchasing an existing home with the new changes. However the savings on the stamp duty will be 40% from the 1st of July 2013 for all eligible First Home Buyers regardless […]

Latest Interest Rates May 2013

Rates have been reduced as we all know and it looks like the majority of lenders so far are jumping on board with the full rate cut!! This of course applies to variable rates and NOT fixed rates as a lot of people believe. However, having said this there are FANTASTIC fixed rates available at the moment. The big 4 banks have got some catching up when comparing to the “smaller” lenders out there. Westpac , Commonwealth Bank and National Australia Bank are passing on the full value of the Reserve Bank’s official interest rate cut announced 7th May 2013. […]